DIY Watch Repairs And Troubleshooting Tips

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Repairing your own watch can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. One problem with owning a watch is that it can be expensive to repair if something goes wrong with it. Because of this, you might find that you are shelling out money just to get the work done by a professional. Being able to repair the watch all by yourself is a great way to get the work done without the added expense. This is a great way to enjoy More…

Where to Get Your Watch Repaired

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Many people wear watches on their wrist to keep track of time and as a fashion statement whether daily or on special occasions, such as weddings or parties. One day, there will be that time the quartz watch is no longer moving or the electronic watch no longer displays the time. Maybe, the watch is not functioning after an accidental drop to the floor.

What to do then?

No one should worry about malfunctioning watches because there are various businesses involved in watch repairs.

Jewelry stores have watch repair services, which can include parts and battery replacements. Additionally, specialty More…

Important Watch Terms Everyone Should Know

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Knowing the terms used to describe watches can help you choose the best style and model for you. Before you buy your next watch, consult this guide to know exactly what you are getting.

An analog watch shows the time using hands that denote the minute and hour.

An automatic or self-winding watch is wound not by turning the winding stem, but instead by the motion of the user’s arm. If the watch is not worn for a few days, it must be hand wound.Didn’t catch More…

Sport Watches-What Features Are Worth The Extra Money

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Time to buy a new watch and you are looking for the best features available. Maybe you are a runner or athlete and want a nice watch that has plenty of features. There are a lot of choices nowadays so choosing the right watch for you is even more important than before. Cheap sports watches are common and don’t offer very many features. The top notch watches are relatively expensive but offer the features that make your workout experience better.

You may be the person More…

How To Choose The Right Watch For You

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If you love watches then you may know that there is quite a vivid selection to choose from when if comes to finding that special watch made especially for you.
So, this article is something to help give you a hand of suggestions on how to choose the perfect watch for you.
One of the most important things to consider when it comes to finding the right watch or you is to think about what kind of style are you looking for.
Another thing to think about is what size watch More…

Why Watches Are Still A Must Have Item

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How many people do you see wearing a watch anymore? Although there are people who like and use watches there are many who use other methods of telling time and/or feel like watches are obsolete. There are cell phones now that give you the time but not always reliable. Technology has advanced to where watches not only tell you time but can have other advantages. There are watches that have calculators in them, can tell you the temperature, what day it is, More…

Watch Buying On A Tight Budget

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Purchasing a watch can be an important event. Often making the right selection will depend heavily on your lifestyle, profession and daily schedule. If you work with the public or are in a high visibility position such as sales and/or marketing, sometimes a can be tool for attracting clients. In fact, one of the things that people look at on job interviews is your watch. It leaves a lasting impression, so when making your selection you want to make a wise choice. Didn’t catch that? This explains it. I usually like to go for something that is a classic look. It More…

Watch Wearing Celebs

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There are better places to look for watches than on your Direct TV but not so fast. Everyone from movie stars to sports stars are flashing some of the blingiest, fanciest watches around which makes Hollywood one of the best places for trend spotting in the watch world. Here are a few of our favorite time-piece wearing celebs:

David Beckham – Since he spends most of his professional career wearing a dirty More…

The Aesthetics of A Watch: What It All Means

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Do you keep track of time by studying watches? Are you a person who loves to learn about the history and workmanship of particular watches? There is nothing quite so fascinating, than the natural beauty of a unique timepiece. Time has always been part of man’s language. Even the most primitive of societies, have developed ways to communicate by it. Today, watches are sill an important part of our lives. The type of watch you wear signifies part of your personality. There is a style for everyone. Watchmakers have known this for ages.

Watchmakers used to have to travel to More…

New and Popular Features For Watches

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Watches are classic timepieces that still have a lasting appeal to many audiences. Some basic features have stood the test of time for many years. At the same time, technology changes at an alarmingly fast pace. This has led to an emergence of more new and popular features for watches than ever before.

Probably one of the most popular new features to come about in the watch market is GPS locating. Now you can use your watch to check your location or track your route on More…